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.au Domain Name Registration

We are now taking applications for domain names that are .AU as opposed to .COM.AU, .NET.AU etc.

.AU domain names allow you to register a shorter, more memorable domain name by removing the second level. .AU is a quick way to end any URL, and it will provide more opportunities for any business to create a domain name that customers can recall from memory.

.AU requires you to purchase an additional domain name to what you already own. If you own an existing .com.au or .net.au domain you’ll get priority to register the corresponding .AU domain.

From 24 March 2022, you can apply:

  • to register new .au direct names that are not already registered in the .au registry (i.e. names are not registered in any existing .au namespace such as com.au or org.au etc.) and;
  • for the exact match of any existing .au domain name you are the existing registrant of. These names will be allocated according to the Priority Allocation Process.

You don’t need to register a matching .au direct domain name if you don’t want to – your existing .au domain name will continue to work as it does today, provided you keep your registration up-to-date.

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