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The Power of Authenticity – Does Your Brand Strategy Genuinely Reflect Who You Are?

Your brand is how your business is reflected to the world – and it’s so much more than your logo and font choice. 

It’s your imagery, it’s the way you make your product or deliver your service – and it’s your people. 

By this, we mean all people who interact with your business – your customers, your partners, your employees, your suppliers. Each person who is involved with your brand has a part to play in how it is perceived. 

When it comes to brand strategy, there are two key things to get right – consistency and credibility. 

Consistency ensures you are recognisable and able to build trust with your audience. 

A brand that has a huge ‘wow’ factor is great – but if you don’t have consistency, your brand looks unprofessional and people lose interest. You need to have uniformity with your brand elements, and stability with your key messages and tone. This way people feel like they are getting to know you, which builds confidence in your business.

When it comes to credibility, buyers are going to relate more to a brand that is faithful to itself, that reflects the values it holds. Your brand needs to sound and feel like you – people will pick up on content that is disingenuous and if it doesn’t feel right – they are less inclined to engage.

You should be considering your brand when making key business decisions – like who to collaborate with, who you are marketing to, who your key stakeholders are. If their values don’t align with yours, you risk betraying your brand – and damaging your reputation. 

We’ve put together some other important things to consider when it comes to building an authentic brand strategy. 

Know who you are


So far we have spoken about values and being ‘authentic’. 

But you can’t portray your true self to the world if you don’t know what your true self looks like. 
The very first step in establishing your brand should be asking yourself these key questions. What is your purpose? What is your competitive edge? What is important to you? What is important to your customers? 
You need to establish your business’ identity before you can portray it. 

Know who your people are

How can you connect with your customers if you don’t know who they are? 
In order to form a genuine relationship and build real trust, your customers need to feel understood. So it’s essential you take the time and invest in research that gives you valuable insights into the behaviour of your customers. 
What are their interests? What problems do they have that you can help them solve? Where do they spend their time? 
Jane Hillsdon’s ‘How To Do Marketing Academy’ is an incredible program that will help you implement a tried and tested framework to increase your reach to the right people, create a powerful brand (and ultimately increase revenue.)

Develop a brand strategy that reflects these

Once you have clarified your business’ values and key messages – and you know exactly who you’re talking to and how you can help them – develop a clear and consistent brand strategy that reflects these. 
Your brand strategy incorporates more than you might think.

Your Business Goals 

What exactly do you want to achieve and how will your branding work towards achieving that?
Each business has different goals, depending on what they offer and where they are on their journey. For example – if your business goal is to attract more customers in the 25-35 age group, your branding will be very different to a strategy that is looking to attract 45-65 year olds.

Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

This is a simple, straight-to-the-point statement about the unique benefits you offer your customers that they won’t find elsewhere. 
It is the reason they should choose you – over your competitors. 

Tone of Voice and Key Messages

Outlining these in a brand strategy means you have a reference point, to keep coming back to and ensure consistency across all your content. 
Your key messages should feature everywhere – on all your platforms (website, socials, eDM’s) as well as your everyday interactions (customer service staff.)

Design Elements 

There are so many design elements to consider, but the key ones are logo, brand colours, shapes and tagline. 
These need to feel right to you – while also resonating with your target audience. 

Content Marketing 

Every single piece of content requires a degree of strategy behind it. 
Content Marketing is about assessing the best ways to reach your customers and creating content that engages them. Does your target audience read blogs? Are they active on Facebook, or TikTok? Should you start a podcast?
Content marketing is an important element of your overall marketing strategy. 
Here at Webstudio, we offer Brand Strategy as part of our service and we can work through this with you. 

Create a polished image

In today’s world of short attention spans and information overload, visual representation is more important than ever.

You might have three seconds to capture your audience’s attention, so your imagery needs to be on-brand, eye-catching and relevant if you want to get noticed.

Vanessa from The Style Vibe Creative can help you create an incredible image gallery through a stylised fashion shoot, with scenes that will capture the attention of your target market.

These are assets that can then be used across your socials, website and other marketing.


Focus on engagement

The ‘getting to know you’ phase of a customer’s relationship with your business will often happen over social media – and through your website. 
In this phase, it’s less about ‘buy my stuff!’ or ‘book an appointment!’ – it’s more about casual and fun engagement, to introduce them to your business and generate interest. Your social media accounts deserve their own marketing strategy to drive engagement and build your brand online. 
Emma from Gem Socials can help you create a strategy that genuinely reflects your brand. This means you will attract the right customers, which are more likely to turn into real leads!

Get in touch

As you can see – there’s a lot involved in creating an authentic brand! It takes some consideration and some investment – but if it’s done well, you will build real, long-lasting trust with your customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about brand strategy and how it can generate more leads – and more conversions – get in touch, or learn more about our team.

We would love to sit down and chat about your marketing needs – and how we might be able to help.

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