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Print Is Alive! The value of a quality magazine as a marketing platform

Now, more than ever, we are looking for ways to connect.

We are all using innovative technologies to interact with our friends and our families – and also with our wider community. 

It’s great that we can access so much information and engagement from our computer – as a web design company, we obviously believe in the importance of this!

However, there are some things that just need to be experienced traditionally: a good book, a thoughtful ‘thank you’ card – and a quality magazine. 

If you haven’t already gathered, we are big fans of the team over at FOCUS Magazine. It’s not just that their publication is beautifully created – though this always makes for a lovely reading experience.

The way they bring all cross-sections of our community together is just what we need right now. It is a huge dose of positivity, featuring real people in our region. These are people who actively participate in this community, always working to ensure it says the sensational place that it is. 

It’s why we always look to be involved where we can – and invest in it as one of our marketing platforms. 

And here’s why we think others should do the same.

Quality magazine, quality content – quality moments 

There’s something special about taking the time to make a cuppa and sit down with a quality magazine.

FOCUS Magazine is a self-proclaimed ‘guide to local living’ – and it really is just that. 

It is consumed by all sorts of people – professionals, industry groups, community organisations – and everyone in between. All those who work on it, including the contributors, create content that is relevant, engaging and thought-provoking. (There might be a humble brag in there.)

FOCUS has a reputation for fostering ideas and creating discussion – which is just the kind of publication you want to be aligned with, as a business. 

And we know they have a loyal audience – and they reach a huge amount of people. And for businesses like ours, they are the right people. They are the people we want to work with – and work for. They are potential customers and potential partners.

Through FOCUS, Webstudio connects with a quality network of like-minded people. 

Locals supporting locals

By now, we’ve all recognised the importance of keeping local marketing alive during a crisis. 

Businesses that stepped up and showed leadership during the several crises we’ve had over the last two years have fared much better than those who disappeared from the mix.

From a marketing perspective, a publication that provides a platform for local businesses to stay visible is an incredible asset. 

We thoroughly enjoy seeing the familiar faces and being reminded of the purpose they serve in the community. 

FOCUS is also a lovely place to share our success and spread positive news. Their uplifting, sometimes inspirational content is refreshing and shines a positive light on all the businesses within their pages. 

Complement your marketing strategy

As a web development and marketing agency, we obviously have a strong focus on the digital side of marketing.

But we are firm believers in complementing your digital strategy with some traditional avenues, where relevant.  

Whether that’s a business card, a radio ad – or paid space in a high-quality publication – it will of course depend on your target market.

But if you’re someone who is looking to boost the visibility of your brand, locally – we recommend getting in touch with FOCUS.  Their glossy publication is also available online – so you’ll still be able to share those links on your socials! 

Through their distribution approach, FOCUS gets into the hands of the people that make key decisions in our region. The people that spend money, support business and dedicate their time and energy towards giving back. 

Their team has dedicated 15 years to getting behind our community. Whether it be through supporting events, charities, new business or artists. Their reputation for connecting to local businesses is second to none. 

Not to mention – they know how to make things beautiful. So if you’re nervous about getting yourself out there, with hair that hasn’t been touched by a hairdresser in months – never fear. They can work miracles!


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