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We’re local, anywhere you are, globally

I love working with local businesses, sitting alongside clients to develop customised website solutions to complement their business.

For many years, I worked “remotely” and developed a client base right across Australia using just phone and email as the tools of trade. While I formed great connections with some clients this way, there was always a bit of a disconnect.

Around 2017, I made a concerted decision to focus on local, so I could spend most of my time working with clients in the region, meet with them face-to-face, and in doing so form a strong connection with them. Doing so allowed me to capture their needs, their struggles, and dreams more clearly and tailor my services accordingly.

This has been a successful strategy – not only have I established many strong business relationships, I’ve also made some amazing friends along the way. I think this is due to the face-to-face connection that you make, allowing for more personalised service.

Fast forward to 2021, I’m able to offer this “local service” to anyone, anywhere, due to advances in internet speeds and video technology (yay, zoom!)

For example, this afternoon, I met with a new client via Zoom that I’ve just started working with in Limerick, Ireland. The connection was crisp and clear, it felt like I was connecting with someone right here in Port Macquarie. We were able to connect in a very similar way to how I’d connect with a local client. I think that’s pretty cool 🙂


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